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#1 - Avocados
Avocados are not just a creamy, green fruit that tastes good. They contain essential oils and B-complex vitamins that nourish and replace important nutrients that you skin needs to look its best. Avocados are loaded with niacin (vitamin B-3) which is especially important for healthy, supple looking skin. Niacin is an anti-inflammatory, which means that it soothes irritated skin as well as red blotchy skin too. One avocado contains 27% of your daily intake needs.
#2 - Mangoes
Mangoes are loaded with vitamin A, which serves to maintain and repair skin cells. A deficiency of vitamin A will result in a dry, flaky complexion. Mangoes actually contain 80% of your daily requirements for vitamin A. Vitamin A is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants fight free radical damage that can cause premature aging.
#3 - Almonds
Almonds contain 150% of your daily vitamin E need. Vitamin E's rich oils moisturize dry skin from the inside out and its antioxidants protect against skin damage and premature aging.
#4 - Cottage Cheese
It's well known that dairy is good for your bones but it is also good for your face. Most people think about calcium when they think about dairy products though. Cottage cheese is rich in selenium, and selenium is good for your skin in many different ways.
#5 - Acerola Cherries
Most cherries do not supply a lot of vitamin C but that is not true for acerolas. One acerola cherry supplies 100% of the FDA recommended daily allowance for vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it fights skin damage and wrinkles. It also produces collagen which is the structural protein in your skin.
#6 - Oysters
For those of you who love oysters, there is good news: Oysters are a love fest for the skin. Oysters are rich in zinc, so they fight pimples. Zinc levels are directly related to sebum production and a deficiency can contribute to acne. Zinc (in combination with vitamin C) also helps boost elastin production which promotes the skins natural elastic protein.
#7 - Baked Potatoes
One baked potato (with the skin) contains 75% of your daily copper needs. Copper (an essential mineral) works with vitamin C and zinc to create the elastin fibers that support skin structure. If there is not enough copper in your diet, it can reduce your skin's ability to heal. This, in turn, can cause the skin to become rigid and lifeless.
#8 - Mushrooms
Mushrooms are rich in riboflavin, a B vitamin that is very important to your skin. Riboflavin (vitamin B-2) is directly involved in tissue maintenance and repair. It also improves skin blemishes cased by rosacea. The body uses huge amounts of this vitamin after sustaining a burn, wound, or undergoing surgery.
#9 - Flaxseed Oil
It's commonly known that the Omega 3's are great for your skin but if you're not a fish lover, you can gain many of the same benefits through the use of flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil is actually one of the best sources the Omega 3 fatty acid and it is essential to having healthy skin.
#10 - Wheat Germ
Wheat germ is just the embryo within a grain of wheat. It is very nutritious and it is a good source of biotin, which is a B vitamin that is crucial to skin health. Dermatitis can be caused by just a mild deficiency of biotin. This is a condition which gives you itchy, scaly skin.