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The brain is the most powerful organ in the body. The brain controls and influences every other organ in the body and, in certain situations; it can even have an effect at the cellular level. When we are stressed, there are particular hormones that are produced by the body. When these hormones are released infrequently, they are essentially harmless but when they are produced too often, they can cause physical damage to our bodies. Studies have shown that cardiovascular disease can be provoked by the continuous bombardment of these bad stress hormones. Arterial damage can also result from the free radicals that are created, as part of this process. The mind can be a powerful tool, if it is used properly and overall health is greatly affected by it.
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University of California researchers conducted a study focused directly on this concept. They found that actors could actually influence their immune systems by the emotions that they portrayed. In addition, Harvard, Duke University, University of Chicago, and others found that there was a relationship between improved health, a sense of well being and having a positive, happy attitude toward all things in life. In these studies it was determined that the attitude of the brain was a cornerstone to the healthy, productive functioning of the rest of the body.

We have all heard the old cliché: When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. This adage may seem trivial but there is really much more importance to it than you might think. When you send "bad vibes" into your body, there is often a residual effect that you get back. Depression, for example, can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. The lack of an active, vibrant life can create a variety of other physical health related issues based on the mental condition that created them. Laughter is good medicine for all this. Getting in a good laugh promotes a happier outlook on life. The better you feel mentally, the more energy you will have to live an active, productive life. The more active and productive you are, the happier you will be. It is the mental "mindset" that starts this entire cycle into motion.

When depression creates a person to lead a more sedentary life, the body does not operate efficiently. Lack of exercise, poor eating habits and a lack of focus and direction can eventually lead to your metabolism slowing down. A slower metabolism means that your body is not getting food and nutrients to all the various cells, organs, tissues and muscles as efficiently. This affects not only the immune system but also your attitude and outlook on life. It is this very process that seems to create more "lemons" for you. Learn to laugh and smile when things are "not quite right." Sulking about things doesn't change them for the better. Smiling and laughing will. Your positive attitude will attract others who have a similar mindset. Being around those types of people will create a support system that will prove to be invaluable during tough times. Your brain is very powerful. It is wise to use it to your benefit. Positive thinking is not just a "fad." It is an important tool that will benefit your mind, body and soul.